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We present this season a new pellet stove

KETTY is the model, the brand EXTRAFLAME

9328_Ketty_Emozionale1With an efficiency greater than 86%, a maximum heat output of 7.3 KW, a minimum consumption of 0.6 kg / h and a heating capacity of up to 180 m3, this range allows us to heat large rooms, with minimal investment and at a cost much lower than in other traditional fuels as gasoil, electrictiy, natural gas, propane.

It comes in four colors, White, Black, Bordeaux anad Pergamine.

Its price is 1195

Taxes not included





The coming days 19, 20 and 21 February is celebrated in Vic, the 4th edition of the Fair of Biomassa.

We will be present, as in previous editions, offerins the latest news from all our suppliers.

This year we have expanded the exhibiton space, we are located at 25-26 stands.

We hope your visit.



Since early this year, we have improved the accessibility of our website.

We added the “Responsive” format, to view our site from all devices.



New concept in the design bioethanol fireplaces.

Introducing the new range of products made in 316 stainless Marine of the highest quality, and finished in natural or black.

Hanging, feet or pedestal version, we can enjoy the view of the fire 360º degrees.

The burner capacity allows enjoy up the 6 hours.

. An innovate solution for any type of space.




The new version of the ISOTTA Wood stove, offers and increase in power reaching up to 11,9 KW and nominal heating capacity up to 338 m3

Isotta 2009








Top quality enameled cast iron.

Door with panoramic fire view.

Lateral load door

Efficiecny: 82%.

Weight: 205 Kg.

Wood rate: 3,2 Kg/h.

CO at 13% O2: 0,10% – 1248 mg/m3.

Emissions: 10,3 mg/m3.

CE Marking: EN 13240.





This new model of fireplace VERTEX, introduced us to equilibrated and modern design.


Has opted for a spectacular view fire from the two view angles, made with quality materials, as steel, ceramic vitro glass or painted black vermiculite, this fireplace with double combustion, double ventilated chamber for hot air, grill and ashtray, offers the opportunity to enjoy the fire with very high efficiency.



Presentamos la nueva chimenea a leña con puerta deslizante accionada por mando a distancia.

98_13905683060Esta nueva gama de chimeneas con recuperación de calor y rendimiento superior al 80%, es una EVO-lución realizada a partir del nuevo diseño de las paredes interiores de la cámara de combustión.

Están realizadas con un nuevo material (Hormigón cerámico) desarrollado por el fabricante y se han reducido en ángulo para poder conseguir una potencia de 10Kw, más que suficiente para los salones actuales..

También se ha apostado por la innovación y la comodidad, suministrando un mando a distancia para subir y bajar la puerta de cristal, o bien detener el cristal a la altura deseada.





ImprimirManel & Velilla born following the dissolution of Fireplaces Leiro sharing our experience of over 40 years in the industry.

Following the same philosophy of Leiro regarding customer service, customization of design, project monitoring and ensuring perfect operation and finishing fireplaces, Manel & Velilla remains exclusive distributor of the best national and international brands.

We created this new website, where you can find custom made designs according to the needs of each individual client. Besides we also offer as importers and distributors, major products both domestic and international companies, such as Barbas, Bellfires, The Nordic Extraflame, Chemineés Philippe, Rocal, etc … You will also find on our website a wide range of products with different types of fuels, (Wood, Pellet, Gas and Bio alcohol). We hope that within this wide range of products, to find the best solution to your needs. This website is intended for all types of customers, both individuals, as professionals (Architects, Decorators, Builders, Installers Heating, Shops Fireplaces and other practitioners). We seek solutions to operating problems already built fireplaces and also perform the technical service, spare parts, breakdowns, etc… Fireplaces Leiro company.

We hope that from now on, this new tool allows us to offer a more clear and complete, and approach it much more our products and services.